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Πέμπτη, 3 Μαρτίου 2016

Psychologized is 2 years old !!!

First of all I would like to thank you for supporting our project. 

This project started about 2,5 years ago, when I was back to Leeds (UK)
To be honest, it is very dificult to talk about a topic if you dont have the educational background.
 How about if we ( Psychologists) , use difficult terms to describe a mental health problem , to a person that know nothing about Psychological terms...
 This is why I created Psychologized.
The meaning of the word "Psychologized" is to describe something with Psychological terms. This is our main idea, this is Psychologized, the place that everything is a part o psychology.
 Mental health is a very serious problem, worldwide . But many people can not afford to go to a Psychologist . We are here to help voluntarily , motivate and make happy people, for free.   
Our articles are written from Psychologists and specialists .  Our articles, feels like the motivational echo that everyone really needs to listen. You can read our articles at :
Main website :  www.psychologized.eu .
Information about Psychologized : www.psychologized.co.uk
Scientific version : https://paper.li/f-1451831105
Psy TV (new project) : www.psytv.eu
Facebook Page(more than 5300 likes) : www.facebook.com/Psychologized
The number of times our posts were seen in News Feed or ticker or on visits to our facebook Page , last 28 days. These impressions can be by people who have liked your Page and people who haven't. (Total Count)  : 494733 
 How about our future plans?
  The main language of the Project is Greek and we want to spread the Psychologized to every Greek citizen.
 Psychologized has its own office at Patras,Greece.  I have started my own office as a private Psychologist and I have also created a place that is friendly for small groups : www.antonioskalentzis.eu
 The Sci-fi story that I have started on Psychologized E-magazine, is going to be a book soon , in Greek language . It is going to be published from a known book publisher.
But Why the main language is Greek and not English?
 As I mentioned before  , the main language of this Project  is Greek. The only reason , is that all this project runs only from me . I mean, I have created the HTML templates, the logos, the magazine, the like pages, the videos... everything alone. Mental Health issues are not accepted from a common Greek citizen. But this Project , helped people understand that Mental Health is something that needs to be treated serious . Many people sent me email and asked me help ... all these people that feel shame to ask help from their friends/family.
If this Project runs perfect from only 1 person in a small country , I can't imagine what is going to happen if it was a website with multilingual articles .
 Finally, now I have the experience to create something bigger . I am really interested in to collaborate with website/people that want to make this Project in English language.
My moto is   "Psychologized  : The place that everything can be a part of Psychology"
 For more information do not hesitate to contact with me via:
 Tel : 00302610322306
Antonio Kalentzis

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