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Παρασκευή, 8 Ιανουαρίου 2016

What I learned from "Heroes of Aegean".

The last days , internet is flooded with the publication of avaaz.org, that motivates people to vote in favor of giving "Nobel of Peace for the heroes of the Aegean".
 Everyone knows the large immigration movement from the coast of Turkey  to the Greek islands (more than 4.000 people per day!!).
 Many of those who try to cross the sea fail, and the Aegean Sea is filled with  many innocent human souls.
  To be honest , I found this vote really interesting and I sent invitations to my friends to vote and the support this voting.
 But ... when I as reading the title again I was thinking:
Why someone is a hero if dives in cold water to save a soul?
Why someone is  honored for simply being human;
Why someone is a hero when you have ancestors that did the same 94 yers ago (Catastrophe of Smyrna)?
 The heroes of the Aegean do not  need any Nobel. They a few people who have not lost their human track. They are  a role model for young people and  a reason to remember the ethic values for older.
 We have to learn from this self-sacrifice of these people and we incorporate into our daily lives.
 You might not be one of the "heroes of the Aegean", but you can become a hero in your everyday life.
 Help .... and you never know ... maybe tomorrow you will be the peron that really needs help.

Article :

Antonio Kalentzis
Member of British Psychological society
Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist
Member of International Society of Coaching Psychologists
www.antonioskalentzis.eu ][ www.facebook.com/antonioskalentzis.eu

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