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Δευτέρα, 4 Ιανουαρίου 2016

Motivation is just... a way of thinking!!!

Why do people feel week and they are giving up so easily?

Why don’t you never bother realising that what you do affects your moods?

   Being independent is not a choice , it is a rule. Living your life depending on other will always make you weaker, cause people nowadays are what we call ‘’masks’’ . You never know what’s coming up next?! So why don’t you try and stand up for what you are , and be whoever you dream of being ,standing up for what you worth and try to get on the top?

  Give a break to yourself and look at nights at the stars and be thankful that you are healthy and just wish something that will keeps you motivated?! Why don’t enjoy the small moments and always smile no matter what?Life is a circle ,once you are born you will die at the end of the day, so what’s the point making yourself miserable when you know you’re lucky you are the one to live your life by your own rules, your own paths and your own creative ideas for a better tomorrow?

  What if you could do more than what you’ve imagined? 

 Life is just a game that you need to play wise, it is a blessing which you must be grateful , it is a miracle ! You should never let tears bring you down , you know your worth .And whatever make’s you cry ain’t worth it no matter what !

   Don’t let fear decide your fate , only your eyes reflects your soul and what makes a fighter is still on going and growing stronger.


Antonio Kalentzis MBPsS , MCIP
psychologized@gmail.com  | www.antonioskalentzis.eu 

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