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Παρασκευή, 14 Μαρτίου 2014

Welcome to Psychologized...

 First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting our blog. 

 It is not my idiosyncracy to be sarcastic or ironic, but my diagnosis would be that the magic of Psychology is on things that we don't know. Our gnomon has to be a metron between the strategic that we use to find our philanthropic scopes.

 In an epoch characterized by war, money, antagonism , anxiety and polymorphous realities, our way of thinking needs to be more orthologic sentimental. But all these, should not  metamorphose us into agoraphobic or hyper-consumer personalities, that just consume feelings or relations like they are snacks. Maybe... this is why many dramatic movies of zombies producted this epoch. But this is not science fiction. On this era, the zombies already exist. Its like a pandemic. I can see them everywhere... They do not have feelings, they are just in rush... They need to rush to finish school, rush to finish university, rush to find a job, rush to buy a car, rush to buy a house, rush to buy a wife... Athletes, academics, politicians, actors , proffesors, students, retirees...everyone among the pandemic called "pleasure". There are not feelings of happiness , or feelings of love, everything happens for the "pleasure".

  It reminds me the reverse theory of Epicurus , about "Pleasure as absence of suffering". This Greek philosopher who lived about 2400 years before (341 b.C.), believed that pleasure is the most important thing in life. But, in his didactic theory , if a person wants to feel the pleasure, needs to reduce his desires and not consume more and more like everyone on this era. 

 I apologize for having tyranized you with my Hellenic phraseology. In my epilogue I have just a rhetoric question for you:

 " Imagine all the goals of your life. All goals that you achieved. All goals that you want to achieve. It doesn't matter if you succeded or not, it doesn't matter if you felt the pleasure when you succeded. Now, just think about all the stressful hours that you spent to achieve these goals. This is your life. I bet that you already spent 80% of your stressfull life, for 20% pleasure. But.. if these goals, these feelings of pleasure, were feelings of trully happiness,  why you forget to be happy? Maybe because these goals that you press yourself to achieve, do not deserve it. Maybe you have to think better what makes you happy... Maybe you have to understand that you are already happy, do not let pleasures command your life. Maybe one day I will see you arround and I will be happy to see a human being with feelings... these zombies are so boring!"

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4 σχόλια:

  1. I couldn't agree more! These zombies are indeed so boring... The thing is that we all want to be happy in our lives, but real happiness comes only when it's not intended, only when it comes deeply from within. Otherwise it's only periodic and every cycle needs a stronger motive to be initiated. What i mean is that as people tend to look for happiness, some come to the point of always identifying what's wrong and what's missing, with the result of their lives never being enough. It's one thing trying to be happy and another thing targeting to be happy. I believe this is where agoraphobia and super-catanalotism come in frame. Consciousness persuades our subconsciousness that we are on a certain state and so our mind rejects or avidly accepts goods as, in my opinion, happens with eating dissorters as well. All in all, if only we could take a moment everything would be more qualitative for us. If only we could take a moment to look our partner in the eyes, if only we could take a moment to actually listen to our interlocutor, if only we took a moment to ask our parents how they are doing, to help someone in the street, to smile to the person next to us at the bus station, to understand this equation. From my point of view moments are what make our lives and if we don't take them, then we will always be too busy to live. This is where i need to stop because my comment seems to be taking a lot of moments to be read. Thanks a lot to those who actually spent some time reading my thoughts :D

    1. Thank you Maria for your comment.
      The feeling of happyness or sadness its something unrealistic. Its the way you see the world.
      But... the point is , that people forgot to have feelings. The pleasure is not a feeling.
      My question is : "Everyone want to change the world, everyone has got a great idea how the world would be better, but why are so cowards to change these things that make their life worse?".

    2. Well I'm afraid it's because changing premises sacrificing the security of today for the instability of a new living. Plus that it takes some effort and I do hate to say it but the way we do things today is the one which needs less effort. So if a brave one puts the effort to commence the change and shows the others the way to settle down in the changed environment with their less effort, there will they go.
      But really what is change? I believe is linearly related with ethics, but if thinking of the extreme opposite scenario, if there were no ethics would the world be better? everyone would do what the wanted, they would be pleased but is this how the world is conceived as better? It may not be about what we do, but about what the others do so our level of satisfaction may be even lower in the absence of ethics. Besides, even if we make a change our children may want to make another one, so is there a better world or shall we see our bright site and say that our lives and world are lovely the way the are but we still need to work making them fit to the needs of every era? I'm concerned ...

    3. The point is how you translate the reality.. what is good and what is bad for you. According to Heraclitos ,even if two things are contrary , they have the same begining. I can't tell you what is wrong or right, the answer is inside you.


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