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Τρίτη, 14 Απριλίου 2015

Let's play a game ... can I read your mind?

 Lets play a game....

  You are at the age 18-35 . It doesn't matter your culture, your religion , the place you live... It doesn't even matter if you have iQ below or over the average . You spent many years studying or you worked too many years to achieve your goals. Even if you just finished your college , or you are a succesful career man ... I need to let you know that all of you , have the same feeling inside you.

 This feeling is dissapointment .

 Maybe our planet  in our era is not that peaceful, but not so different than 100 or 500 years ago.,,,
 Maybe our cilization is full of racism , but this racism was not so different than 100 or 500 years ago...
 Maybe more than 90% of our world is poor, but this percentage is not bigger than 100 or 500 years ago...

But why depression is one of the most common illnesses arround the world? More than 80% of population of developed world has anxiety or depression problems. Do you know what is the percentage of population
that has mental health problems in countries that are not developed? Yes of course is not much more than 0%!!!

My Question is : "Why these people that they don't have internet, fast cars, PC and luxury are as happy as only 20% of us?"

 The next time that you will fell dissapointment ,you need to understand  that this world didn't change the last  2514 years... the only thing that changed is dresscode. If you believe that you can't do something to change your life.... or even if you believe that you can change the world.. you are right!!!!! Its up to you !!

Article :

Antonio Kalentzis
Member of British Psychological society
Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist

 |  Psychologized ΠΗΓΗ

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