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Δευτέρα, 17 Μαρτίου 2014

Do you live in reality or... Troll-reality?

Do you still believe that you control your life?
 Do you have the mentality that you have pneumatic freedom?

   Lets talk about a guy that was the "troll" of ancient world, 2500 years ago. Before tell you his name, I have to mention that he was the teacher of famous Aristocles. But, why I call him "troll" of ancient world? What did he do and why I insist that there are many common things with the present world.?

  The hero of our article lived in ancient Greece, Athens. All day walked around the agora and chatted with random people. Our hero started a conversation for a topic and with his questions guided the "victim" to a specific answer that he had already predicted. So, even if someone believed that answered according his opinion, was wrong. This way is called "Socratic irony". The word irony in ancient Greek had the meaning of "pretend". Finally as you can infer, our hero is Socrates.

  But, are there any similarities of Socrates' victims and all people of the present world? The answer is so simple. It looks like the same film in a different cinema. Let me ask you a rhetorical question :

"You feel free and you still believe that you are something different with a unique personality on this world... Of course you are right on this. But, if you feel different, why your lifestyle and your dresscode is so similar with many other people out there? Do you still feel free for your decisions? How about if all these that guided you to have an appearance like many other people, also guided you to think like many other people... How about if the tactic of Socrates 2500 years ago, used from something to make you be as it wants... You are absolutely free to think and look like they want... or not?"

 This is what I call Troll-reality. Its a paraphrase of Socrates' irony.

 To sum-up , we have to accept that everything on this world is unique. Even if something does not look similar, has something to offer. So,  you do not need to judge if someone is different. Maybe its the only person that escaped from our troll-reality...


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